3 Staples to my Healthy Lifestyle

Kyle Collinsworth

3 staples To My healthy Lifestyle

Finding my healthy lifestyle has come from trail and error and I hesitate using words like trail and error because it really was just growth in a different form. I have discovered things that have helped me in certain periods of life that I now no longer do (at least consistently). From my seven years of experience I have acquired three staples to my healthy lifestyle! Three things that I plan on trying to consistently do for the rest of my life. Three staples that have brought me a ton of success in regards to my health, happiness, and confidence.

You’ve heard me talk about habit stacking (ending one habit by starting another) and throughout the years I’ve been habit stacking these three things to start my day!

Staple #1

My intermittent fast (14-16 hours)

I’m always flexible with my fasting time but I try to get 14-16 hour intermittent fast everyday. The biggest reason I love IF is because it gives my body time to focus on healing and recovering instead of digesting food. It also helps me reach into my fat storage for energy, especially during my morning exercise. My ideal fast time during the basketball season is 8 p.m. to 10 a.m.

Staple #2

Morning exercise while fasting

Exercise in the morning just by itself is a powerful routine, but combined with intermittent fasting makes an elite routine. Towards the end of the fast I like to do an intense (short time wise) workout and build a great sweat. I burn a lot of fat doing this and build great muscle tone.

Staple #3

Green Smoothie post workout to end my Intermittent fasting

Ending my 14-16 hour fast with a healthy green is the ideal habit stack for me. Great way to end one habit by starting another. I love to have the first thing I eat be a green smoothie because it sets the “craving for the day” and it doesn’t spike my insulin making it easier to eat healthy the rest of the day. With this I try to win the first meal of the day. I put all my focus on the first meal knowing that if I eat healthy for the first meal it will make it easier for all the others.

Key thing with all this is I built to these three staples one habit at a time. Now I combine the three of them for my ideal way to start my day! Win the morning, win the day!

How do you start your day?

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