7 Reasons to Eat and Buy Local Food

Kyle Collinsworth

7 Reasons Why We Eat And Buy Local Food

When we're in Utah, we like to get all of our produce and meat from local farms. It's better for the environment, local economy, and the food tastes way better. There are so many other benefits to shopping locally.

  1. The food is fresher and contains more nutrients.
  2. You're supporting local businesses.
  3. There's less travel from the time the food is picked and into your mouth.
  4. Local food is seasonal food.
  5. Reduces C02 emissions (less travel for trucks to ship food)
  6. It helps preserve and keep green space. When farmers stay in business, they'll keep their land instead of selling it to companies or for homes.
  7. There's a connection between the buyer (you) and the seller (farmer)

Local Places for Utah County

If you are local to the Utah area (especially Utah County) here are two great local places to get both your produce and meat.

Produce: Snuck Farm. Their greens and sprouts taste amazing. It's also really cool to be able to see where your produce is grown while you're purchasing it.

Meat: Sanpitch Butchery. Their meat is grass-fed, grass-finished, dry-aged, and if you live in Utah, they deliver it straight to your door. They offer meat by the cut, or you can purchase 1/8th-1 whole cow.

Where ever you live try to connect with local farmers and cut out the middle man! It’s better for the environment, economy, and tastes way better!

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