Do Your Own Research through 3 Steps

Kyle Collinsworth

Some of the best advice I've ever gotten in terms of basketball and life is to do my own research. My sports psychologist back at BYU Craig Manning would always tell me, in his Australian accent, "do your own research mate.'' At the beginning I didn't fully understand what it meant. I soon learned that if I wanted to gain a competitive edge, learn to overcome a weakness, or just improve in something, I first had to do my own research. I quickly realized that doing my own research means a lot of different things.

Find Someone Who's Done What You Want to Do

First, I learned that if you want to do something, you have to find someone who has already done it. In my opinion, the best form of research you can do is to ask somebody about their personal experiences, struggles, and strategies they had or used while trying to achieve the same thing you are.

If you want to improve your health (which I assume you do because you're reading this) go and find someone who flipped their life around by eating healthy and ask them all about it. Through this method you will find REAL STRATEGIES that people have used that worked. Most likely these same strategies will work for you too!

Asking Questions

The next best way is to ask great questions. If we want to change the state of our lives, we need to change the perpetual questions we ask ourselves. For example, asking yourself "why am I unhealthy"? isn't going to give you a constructive response. Your brain will simply tell you "Well, you don't exercise or eat healthy". A better question would be to ask, "how can I become healthy and happy again"?

This type of question will allow your brain to give proactive responses, helping to create motivation you can use to change. When you ask great questions, they sink deep into your subconscious mind-a place where your brain will come up with answers for you all throughout the day and night. Every result first started with a question, and that question leads back to action. Tony Robbins said, "Questions are the laser of human consciousness. They concentrate our focus and determine what we feel and do.''

Tip: Ask proactive questions to the problems we have. Make it about doing instead of not doing.

Example: Why do I have no energy? Vs. How can I get more energy into my life?

Use Books and Articles

When I tore my ACL the first thing I did was a Google search for "how to recover in

6 months from an ACL surgery.'' I read article after article on what foods to eat, and found many amazing anti-inflammatory foods that helped reduce the inflammation in my knee and speed up the healing process. I read nutrition books and watched videos of what rehab I could do. I did my own research. We have unlimited amount of information to learn and do anything we want! Use it!

I want everyone to know that you are capable of changing your lives by finding the right people, asking the right questions, and reading the right books and articles. Remember to do your own research!

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