In Season Lifting Session

Kyle Collinsworth

My Lifting Session

What I did and how to do it below!

Set 1 (repeat two times)

  1. Hex bar Deadlift (6 reps- slow down and explode up)
  2. Physio ball knee tuck push-ups (10 reps)
  3. Opposite leg and arm DB rows- 40 pounds (8 reps each side)
  4. DB squat curl press- 35 pounds each arm (10 reps)

Set 2 (repeat two times)

  1. Hex bar Deadlfit- 200 pounds (3 reps slow down and explode up)
  2. Pull-ups (10-14 reps)
  3. Kettlebell swings with resistant band- 45 pounds (10 reps)
  4. Side plank arm swings- 8 pounds (6 reps each side)

Set 3 (repeat 3 times)

Super set these 3 exercises together to finish my workout

  1. Hex bar deadlift- Body weight (225 pounds) (2 reps)
  2. 10 explosive push-ups
  3. 5 pull-ups

Rest and then repeat two more times (three total).

Details and instructions for each lift

Set 1

  1. Hex bar deadlift- today I flipped the bar over so the handles were lower. I wanted to get really low and have depth and more motion to go along with exploding up. Legs are shoulder width apart and drive your hips up and explode.
  2. Using a physio ball put your feet on the pull and get into a push-up plank position. From there bring your knees to your chest while keeping your feet on the ball. Bring your legs back out straight and then do a push-up. That’s one rep. Repeat.
  3. Using a dumbbell bench place your right knee on the bench. Now with your right hand grab the dumbbell weight you are using. Straighten out your left leg. With your left leg straight and your right knee on the bench do a dumbbell row. This really works the core and adds in some great stability. Switch sides. Remember it’s opposite leg out from arm.
  4. Holding two dumbbells at your side squat down. On the way up curl the dumbbells and then press. That’s one rep. Repeat.

Set 2

  1. Hex bar deadlift with more added weight than set one. I’m using 200 pounds for me. A little less than my body weight
  2. Regular pull-ups. Get chin above bar and try to explode up on each rep.
  3. Step evenly on a resistant band with your legs wider than shoulder width apart. Now grab the kettlebell and the resistant band in the same grip. Do a kettlebell swing. The band should form a triangle shape as you are exploding to the top of the exercise.
  4. Do a side plank and with the free arm use a dumbbell and swing it under your body and then up and directly over your side.

Set 3

Quickly go from one exercise to the next. After all three are done take a rest and then repeat two more times.

Hope you enjoyed my workout from today!

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