My 3 Strategies for Overcoming Late Night Cravings

Kyle Collinsworth

My 3 strategies for overcoming my late night cravings

Eating late at night is my biggest temptation and challenge when it comes to my healthy lifestyle. The days of eating a bowl of cereal before bed in high school or early college flash back into my mind. Everything sounds good before bed to me. I’m well aware this is a big obstacle for me, but knowing this has allowed me to game plan and succeed. Here are my 3 steps.

  • Focus on getting my 14-16 hour intermittent fast.

Instead of focusing on not eating food I try to instead focus on completing my 14-16 hour fast along with the benefits that come from it. Allowing the body some downtime in regards to digesting is a huge health benefit. Starting your intermittent fast around 6 p.m. allows your body to better focus on healing during sleep instead of digesting. When the body is focused on digesting blood rushes to the stomach instead of moving throughout the body to better heal and recover. Now that there is a break from digesting during the night the body can better focus on healing and recovery. This is what I try and focus on when the cravings kick in before bed

  • Brushing my teeth when I’m done eating instead of right before bed

Brushing my teeth when I’m done with my last meal of the day has been huge for me. It’s been a game changer! It signals to my brain I’m done with food for the day. Sometimes I’ll think of going to go eat some food and I’ll remember I already brushed my teeth. Flossing will help reinforce even more to the brain that you are done eating for the day.

  • Evening walk after dinner and brushing my teeth.

The walk gets my mind ready for bed and also helps improve digestion and better kick start my fast. The movement starts to accelerate digestion and to me it’s nice to walk around out in the dark. Being in the dark signals to the brain that it is nighttime. This can help produce more melatonin. Something I would suggest to is to get morning sunshine. This will decrease melatonin in the morning, which will actually better increase melatonin in the nighttime during your nightly walks out in the dark before bed.

For me eating late at night is my biggest health obstacle and challenge. It’s all about finding the right game plans and strategies that work!

What strategies help you guys avoid late night cravings? Share on social media using #worthfitness


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