My Top 10 Proteins and Why

Kyle Collinsworth

My top 10 proteins and why

1. Ribeye

The ribeye contains not only a lot of protein but also a significant amount of fat to better help the rest of the steak digest and provides substantial energy for us. The bone in the steak allows you to get more bone marrow and critical nutrients that you can only get from the bone. Along with other vitamins and minerals, you get all nine essential amino acids. As always, try and get grass-fed/finished cows that have been pasture-raised and local to your State. If you are in Utah; there is no better place than Sanpitch Butchery.

2. Eggs

Eggs are one of the best duos of protein and nutrients. Remember, most of the nutrients are in the yoke of the egg. Like ribeye, along with crucial nutrients, it contains all nine essential amino acids. Get pasture-raised when you buy to get the most nutrients.

3. Whole Milk Greek Yogurt

Quality is essential here. It’s vital to find a great brand that uses non-homogenized or organic milk. I love this brand. With this yogurt-like brand's excellent quality, you‘ll get a significant amount of protein combined with all the probiotics for your gut health. This combo makes it a top protein source for me.

4. Salmon

The addition of excellent omega-3 fatty acids along with the high protein, makes this one a great catch (no pun intended). It also creates a great variety to add in with your steaks and chicken. If possible, wild-caught is your best source to buy.

5. Whole Milk Cottage Cheese

High in protein, fats, and probiotics makes it a great purchase, but I like it for its versatility. It can be added to a lot of things and can make for a great-satisfying snack. Nancy’s Cottage cheese is the best

6. Turkey

If you want a great-tasting source of protein and not a whole lot else, turkey is a great start. It has excellent versatility to it as well. Can put it on sandwiches, crackers, or make it the central piece in a meal.

7. Pork

Pork can get a bad wrap, but that’s because of how the animal is cared for and fed. Find a great source of pastured raised pigs that can eat grass, fodder, acorns, compost, and insects and you have a great source of protein that contains the perfect amount of fat for flavor and health.

8. Collagen Protein

The protein for your muscles and the collagen for your joint health makes this a top protein source for me. Primal Kitchen has some great-tasting collagen protein that I add to my daily smoothie.

9. Almonds

Abundant with protein this makes this a great pound-per-pound option. Also loaded with antixodients for other nutritional value. Almonds are a top choice because they make a great on-the-go snack.

10. T-Bone steak

Like the ribeye it has a good amount of fat in it to aid in digesting while giving nutrients. The bone in the cut allows to get some bone marrow and key nutrients off the bone. Make sure to rip off as much meat as you can from the bone. Find the nicest sources to purchase your meat.

For more info on how much protein to take and when to take check out this protein guide by Mark Sisson.


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