One Habit at a Time

Kyle Collinsworth

One Habit at a time.

If you follow me on twitter or read our weekly newsletter you know how passionate I am about the one habit at a time mindset for achieving your ideal healthy lifestyle. It’s worked in my life and hundreds of others who are following my monthly guides and building one habit at a time.

Question is do you think it will really work? Or do you think it’s so simple that it possible can’t work? The first step to buying into this method is understanding that simplicity is key to success. Quiet the ego and start TODAY building your ideal healthy lifestyle one habit at at time.

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” Socrates.

Simplicity over Intensity

You shouldn’t have to multitask to achieve great health. Because great health shouldn’t be complicated.

Is your approach to health simple and singular focused? Or is it complicated and have multiple tasks to do at once? As you enter new waters simplicity and singularity are your best friends. You shouldn’t have to multitask and feel overwhelmed to achieve great health. The simple and singular you make your approach the better chance you have of being consistent. The type of consistency where you start to get results and gain momentum. In the game of life momentum is everything.

One thing at a time

We get so overwhelmed and frustrated by all the things we aren’t doing or bad habits we are currently doing. We begin to focus on what not to do and create a negative mindset. Free yourself from this. Ask yourself this question, if done consistently, which habit would have the biggest compound effect on my life? Build your quest to a healthy lifestyle around this answer. 7 years ago I was a kid trying to chase down a dream of playing in the NBA after just tearing my ACL. I knew I needed to change my nutrition and I’m here writing this weekly newsletter because I committed to having a green smoothie everyday and the rest is history. I built the bone broth soup, kale salads, frisbee Friday’s, 100 push-ups, etc lifestyle by just focusing on having a green smoothie everyday seven years ago! It’s subtraction by addition. Give light and energy to the ONE habit and commit to living and creating your ideal lifestyle!

Guidelines to build your healthy lifestyle one habit at a time

  1. Commit TODAY to a healthy lifestyle! No more diets. Commit from this day on you will strive to live a healthy lifestyle and slowly and consistently build one habit at a time.
  2. Be ok with where you’re at. What’s done is done. Focus your mindset now on moving forward one habit at a time.
  3. Find the one habit! When finding the one habit pick something that you can do consistently. It’s better to start small and build gradual then to start intense and gradually quit. Know where you’re and create a habit based on your needs!
  4. Be consistent

Ask yourself this question, if I could only do one thing to better my life right now, what one thing would I do?

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