The Law of Circulation

Kyle Collinsworth

The Law of Circulation

We must release and remove some things for other things to come in.

The best example of this is a pond. If water is only coming into the pond, it will soon become stagnant and won't be able to support life. On the contrary, if water only flows out, it will dry up and won't support life. Now, if water flows into and out of the pond, the water will flow, and it will support life.

We live in a world full of abundance. Sometimes it's about giving what you have and knowing there's plenty to circle back to you.

Questions to Ask Yourself?

  • What am I holding on to that I need to release and let go?
  • Knowing there is plenty to circulate back to me, could I give more to help others? More time, energy, assistance, etc.?
  • What things could I release or arrange for a better circulation of good things?

Here are some ideas:

  • Clean out your closet and donate any clothes that you don't wear.
  • Get rid of/donate things¬†around the house that you no longer want. That could be decorations, books, old mail, etc.
  • Take the time to organize and clean each room in your house. This doesn't have to be done all at once. You could do it day by day or week by week.
  • Begin to shift your mindset towards money. There's plenty, and if I give, I will get as well.

Letting go is faith to the idea that there is plenty more to come back your way. Find some things to give knowing that with a mindset full of abundance it will always come back to you!

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