Walking: The Ultimate Kickstart to Working Out

Kyle Collinsworth

When it comes to working out everyone probably has or still has moments of feeling overwhelmed. What do I do? What do I focus on? How many sets? How many reps? Is my form good? What exercises?

We often feel stuck or paralyzed with not knowing where to start when it comes to our physical exercises.

Newton’s First Law teaches us that.

• An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless a force acts upon it.

When we feel overwhelmed or stuck sometimes we become that object that stays at rest... How do we create that force that acts upon us and sparks the change of motion? The answer is walking.

Three reasons why walking is crucial to jumpstarting your physical activity.

1. Simplifies things
2. Builds momentum and confidence
3. Brings results

Simplifies things

Like I mentioned above we can get overwhelmed or stuck with the complicity of certain workouts or exercises. You may not know how to do a hex bar deadlift or even know what that is. You may not know the proper way to bench press, but you do know how to walk. Walking eliminates a lot of stress and unknown. Everyone can set a timer for 10 minutes or more and go out and walk.

Builds momentum and confidence

Want to improve your health? Walk every day and every day try to improve your pace and walking time. You do this over time and you will see great momentum and that momentum will build confidence that you are ready to venture into different types of movements, exercises, and workouts. It’s simple, which allows you to do it consistently enough to build that momentum and create that confidence needed to keep progressing!

Brings results

Science has spoken walking is extremely good for you. Improving your health can be as simple as, moving more and sitting less.

Benefits of walking

•Burns calories with less impact
•Improves digestion (especially walking after meals)
•Increases creativity
•lowers insulin levels
•Improves gratitude (highly encourage focusing on gratitude while you walk)

The most compounding benefit being the lowering of insulin levels. This makes walking such a great compound habit. When insulin levels are lowered appetite is decreased as well as the desire for sugary foods. This is why we highly encourage a 12-16 hour daily intermittent fast with a morning walk while still fasting. And when your fast is done to end it with a healthy green smoothie. Combining and habit stacking these three habits will keep insulin levels low to start the day. It will help ‘Set the craving’ for the day.

Never underestimate the power of walking. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed with your physical activity just start walking. Doesn’t matter how far or fast just start! Better health can be a simple as moving more and sitting less.

If you want to build on your walks and build to more running check out Shea’s running ebook. Kickstart to Running: 8 week guide. A guide to build from walking to running true miles.

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Have a great day,

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